Baby deer found tied to a tree in Md.

(PHOTO: Maryland Natural Resources Police)

BALTIMORE, Md. – Maryland Natural Resources Police found two baby deer over the past couple days.

The first fawn was found Friday morning tied to a tree in Baltimore City. Police say kids found the deer, pulled it from its resting place, and then abandoned it. Two officers rescued the deer and took it to Phoenix Wildlife Center to be raised since they did not know where it had originally been.

The second dawn was found Sunday in Temple Hills. Police say it somehow got separated from hits mother by a high fence. Officers were able to place it on the other side of the fence.

Police say while it appears deer are often by themselves, the mother is normally nearby feeding and will return to the care of her young. Removing a dawn from the wild can actually cause great harm, police say.

Resource officers say removing deer from the wild and keeping them in captivity is actually against Maryland law.