Ellicott City residents offered help and resources after Sunday’s flood

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ELLICOTT CITY, Md. – Wednesday, Howard County held a meeting for Ellicott City residents directly affected by Sunday’s flooding, just 20 months after the area was devastated by flooding in 2016.

"It was the most near-death experience I could ever tell you about.", said Joan Eve who owns an antique shop that has now been destroyed for the second time.

When I spoke with her last year on the anniversary of the 2016 flood, Eve had just reopened after nearly a year of relocating and rebuilding.

That time she was lucky, making it out shortly before the flooding began.

This time Eve and her friend Gary, nearly lost their lives along with everything else as water came rushing in.

"We couldn't open the door so he took an antique metal phone and he broke all the glass out of the window and we climber through the window and all he kept saying to me is Joanie, Hold tight. Hold tight and don't let go!", said Eve.

Three days later, she would find herself among other Ellicott City residents hoping to get some relief.

Wednesday night’s meeting at Howard High School featured county and state services along with senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen, ready to offer resources and support.

A disaster relief center has been set up for residents to obtain information from different agencies like social services, the post office, and grassroots crisis intervention.

Amy Albright is another resident who is experiencing the flooding for the second time.
She said that she has had enough and would like to see more mental support services offered too.
"Counseling would be great, just because mentally and emotionally this has been really difficult.", said Albright.

Residents were told that the Bureau of Utilities has been making the rounds to make sure everything is up and working by the time they return to their homes.

As for Eve, when I asked if she would rebuild a second time she said, "I'm 75 in June ok, I came back at 73 which was pretty good but I don’t think I could do it again with any fear that this would happen again."

Main Street in Ellicott City will open up for residents to get to their homes from 5-8pm for the remainder of the week, weather permitting, and will be open for the full day Sunday. Residents have been urged to contact whomever they need to help with their clean-up efforts as early as possible.

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