2 arrested for planning to hire someone to kill witness

(PHOTO: Montgomery Co. Police)

MONTGOMERY CO. – A man and woman have been arrested after, police say, they conspired to hire a person to kill a witness to a home invasion robbery.

Karen Diolamou, 44, and her boyfriend Paul Bond, 44, are charged in a murder-for-fire to kill off a witness to a robbery that Bond committed.

The investigation shows Diolamou contacted a person she and Bond knew and stated that Bond wanted to find someone who would kill the witness to the robbery. Diolamou offered this person cash to kill the witness and provided the person with the witness’ name, home address, description of the witness’ car, and in what manner Diolamou wanted the witness killed.

That person then notified the Montgomery County Police Department.

Detectives say they reviewed communication records between the pair and the person they contacted. Those records showed that the Diolamou and Bond planned to hire someone to kill the witness.

Diolamou was arrested Monday and charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and solicitation to commit first-degree murder, police say.

Bond, who was already in jail for the robbery, was charged with the same charges.