Man killed by police in Prince George’s County fast-food burglary

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CLINTON, Md. – Prince George’s County Police say 24-year-old Anthony Trice Jr. was shot as he was coming out of the side door of the Checkers fast-food restaurant in the 8000 block of Woodyard Road around 3:40 Monday morning, after breaking in through the drive-thru window.
Police Chief Hank Stawinski said that his officers asked Trice several times to present himself.

“That door opens… one of our officers sees that individual present himself. That individual was armed with a handgun… that officer responded and fired with a single shot.”, explained Chief Stawinski.

Police recovered a nine-millimeter handgun from the spot where Trice was shot.
They say the gun was fired once, but said that was during the commission of another burglary
at the Popeye’s fast-food restaurant next door.

“We’ve recovered from that weapon a spent shell casing. We’ve also recovered a screw driver on the ground next to where he fell.”, said Chief Stawinski.

Police believe Trice is also connected to the May 1st burglary of the Wendy’s fast-food restaurant on Woodyard Road.
All three locations had the drive-thru window broken into.
Patrons say the incident is unfortunate, but understandable..

“It’s hard to judge a person when they got a gun a gun in they hand. I’m pretty sure if I’m put in that same position I might’ve shot first. I mean… maybe might’ve warned him, but I mean, you don’t get a second chance when they shooting at you.”, said Popeye’s patron, Calvin King.

Chief Stawinski said there was dash cam video taken of the scene by one of his officers.
That has not yet been released to the public.

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