Neighbors react after triple homicide in quiet Montgomery Co. community

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BROOKEVILLE, Md. – Four people died Monday including the gunman, 41-year-old Christopher Wilson Snyder, after police said that his wife escaped from their home and ran to their neighbors for help.

“Honestly, I’m just kind of shocked. I’ve always grown up in this area knowing it’s a safe area and it’s just kind of sad to hear this stuff happening.”, said one resident of the area.

According to police, Snyder had been holding his wife hostage in their home for three days when she escaped Monday afternoon, followed by a barrage of gunfire, taking the lives of
the owner of the home, Mary Ann Olson, Danny Lee Murphy visiting from out of town, and Craig Harold Shotwell who was doing work at the home.
Three others were able to escape including Snyder’s wife.
According to police, Snyder fled back to his house.
Area residents say incidents like this are a rare occurrence…

“This does not happen very much. We have had a few things… we had a plane crash a few years ago. There was an ambulance hijacked in the middle of Brookeville, but pretty much it’s a  calm safe place where people keep their doors unlocked.”, said resident, Janet Terry.

Around 11pm Monday night, while on the phone with a negotiator, police said that Snyder asked if police were breaking into home when they heard a single gunshot.
Snyder had committed suicide..
Neighbors said that Mary Ann Olson was a kind woman who had lived in her home for many years.



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