Md. Pro-Trump billboard to come down

CALVERT CO. – A controversial pro-Trump billboard in Calvert County, Maryland will come down, deputies say.

The sign reads, “Hey Liberals. Better get your guns if you try to impeach Trump. From all your deplorable in Calvert County.” The sign has been up for about a month.

(PHOTO: Calvert County Sheriff’s Office)

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office says they have been made aware of the sign multiple times through social media and phone calls.

Deputies say the reaction has been mixed. Some people want it down, and some want to keep it up.

However, the State’s Attorney says while the sign is controversial, it is not illegal. Since the billboard is on private property, there is nothing the sheriff’s office can do.

Sheriff Mike Evans contacted family members of the sign owner, who was out of town, to inform them of the controversy the sign has caused.

Family members told deputies the sign would come down on Friday on the owner’s own accord.