DC man wanted for murder mistakenly set free

WASHINGTON, DC -- Monday, a man wanted for murder in DC was thrown back in jail after being released by mistake from the Prince George's County Department of Corrections.
Police caught up to 18-year-old Dekale Bowman around 5:00pm after spending the weekend on the lam.
He was apparently set free due to a clerical error in DC.

"If Mr. Bowman had had a warrant anywhere throughout the country, we would have notified that jurisdiction to come pick Mr. Bowman up.", said Yolanda Smedley, Public Information Officer for the Prince George's County Department of Corrections, explaining why Bowman was released from their custody last Thursday.

Bowman is wanted in DC for the January shooting death of 16-year-old Taiyania Thompson.
According to Smedley, Bowman was picked up in DC by the Prince George's County Sheriff's Department on May 1st to answer for theft charges.
It was at that time, she said, that they ran a criminal background check and nothing came up.

"Had something been in the system to say that he was being tried for murder, he would have been kept here until DC could pick him up.", said Smedley.

Bowman was released at 2:56 am Thursday, May 3rd on $2600 bond.
Subsequently, Smedley said that DC did not input a warrant for Bowman's arrest until Friday afternoon.
She said that ordinarily, Bowman would've been tried for the murder charge first, before any lesser crimes.

Smedley said, "We're all human beings and mistakes do happen. This time, I'm thankful that Prince George's County didn’t make the mistake, but a mistake obviously occurred that he was transported here and then released, and he should've been in custody."

She said that she is thankful that Bowman has been caught and hopes it brings some peace of mind to the families involved.

Mayor Bowser's office says the matter is under review.