Car plows into Ethiopian restaurant in NW

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WASHINGTON, DC – Sunday, Desta Araya, owner of Deset Ethiopian Restaurant which sits on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Rittenhouse Street NW, said that he was shocked to find that a car had plowed through his window, right into the dining room of his establishment at 1:30 am.

“I heard a big bang and went outside and ahold, a car with Maryland tags hit the wall of the restaurant.”, said Araya, who was in the kitchen cleaning up at the time of the crash.

Larry C. Williams is an attorney and family friend who came by to give some advice and moral support. He said, “I’ve wondered how the automobile got into the building without any skid marks.”

In cell phone video taken at the scene by a bystander, you can see the suspected driver, sprawled out on the pavement being questioned by an officer who asks, “Were you driving? Is this your vehicle? Registered to you, or…?”
To which the man on the ground replies, “Yea.”, to all three questions.

“it’s pretty insane.. I don’t know what was going on with the driver, hopefully they’re ok.”, said Candace Tiana Nelson who lives right above Deset.
She serves as Vice President of the Rittenhouse Condo Association and said that she had just returned from a trip when she saw the damage.

“It looked as if the building had just been straight shifted from the bottom.”, said Nelson.

Police have not given any details as it relates to this crash, but reports say at least four people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
There has also been no word as to whether this accident was alcohol related.

As for Araya, he hopes to reopen soon, saying, “If they say the building is ok to run, we’re going to open[…]We’ve been two years around here and we are doing good in business and Ethiopian food… no one will beat us. We sell money back guarantee.”


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