Police officer stabbed outside Md. Starbucks

(PHOTO: Prince George's County Police Department)

PRINCE GEORGE’S CO. – A police officer was seriously injured after being stabbed in an altercation with a patron outside a New Carrollton Starbucks Friday, police say.

The New Carrollton police officer visited the Starbucks the the 8400 block of Annapolis Road around 11 a.m. as a customer. Police say the officer was not on a service call.

While the officer was in line, police say a manager informed the officer of a patron inside the business who was involved in a confrontation with another patron the evening prior. Police say at some point during that conversation, a knife was removed.

The patron discussed by the manager got up and left the Starbucks, and police say the officer followed the man outside.

A Prince George’s County Police spokesperson says the officer commanded the individual to stop, but he refused. A confrontation began to escalate.

That’s when police say the officer took out a taser and used it on the subject. However, the taser did not impact the man at all.

The officer and the man went to the ground during a very physical altercation. During the struggle, police say the officer’s body camera became loose and fell of his uniform. The body camera did not capture anything else from that point on.

Police chief Hank Stawinski said a knife was removed while the officer was trying to control the subject, but it is unclear where the knife came from.

The officer and the subject were both seriously wounded by the knife, police say.

Both individuals were taken to a hospital and went into surgery.

Police say both the officer and the man are expected to be okay.

Prince George’s County Police will investigate and provide more details once they become available.

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