Two suspects in Bowie man’s death sentenced to prison time in Montgomery County

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ROCKVILLE, Md. - Two men convicted of murdering a Bowie man were sentenced to prison time in Montgomery County Circuit Court on Thursday.

Judge John Maloney sentenced James Jackson, 24, to 30 years behind bars, and Ruben Ortiz, 21, to 30 years behind bars with six of those years suspended, for the death of Sulaiman Jalloh, 24.

Sulaiman Jalloh

"Justice is served so that these people can’t hurt any other mothers anymore," said Jalloh's mother, Kadijatu Sesay, after the hearing.

According to Montgomery County Police, back on May 27th, Jalloh, with a small group of friends, had been approached by Ortiz and Shanee Cox, 19, on Saturday, May 27, 2016 at the Silver Spring Metro station.

Ortiz and Cox offered to sell Jalloh marijuana and they agreed to meet in front of the Days Inn for the transaction.

Police say the two groups met just after 11:00 p.m., but instead of purchasing marijuana from Ortiz and Cox, Jalloh’s group robbed Ortiz of cash and his shoes.

Later, police say Ortiz and a small group of friends went to Jalloh’s Days Inn room and demanded that the shoes and cash taken in the robbery be returned. Prosecutors say they damaged a hotel room window.

Prosecutors say later that night, Jalloh left his room and walked to the parking lot to return some of the items and was  assaulted by a group of subjects including Ortiz and Cox.

Prosecutors say Jalloh was beaten, stabbed, and robbed, and was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. They later determined that Jackson brought the knife and stabbed Jalloh.

In separate hearings, the attorneys representing Jackson and Ortiz both asked for lower sentences.

Ortiz' friends spoke to say that he never meant to take a life, but Judge Maloney was not sympathetic, saying Ortiz is responsible for escalating the situation.

"Nothing will ever bring my brother back so that's the reality that we have to live with," said Haja Bruce, Jalloh's younger sister. "We have to live with the reality that my mother will never hold her son again, my brother won't be at my wedding, he won't meet my future kids. We understand that it’s our life now and it’s our new life that we have to live."

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