4-year-old shot in NE DC

WASHINGTON, DC -- Monday, a man and a four-year-old child were shot near 18th Place and M Street Northeast.

Police say it happened right around 6:00 in the evening.
It is not exactly clear what led up to the shooting, but police say they found a car on the scene connected to the incident.

There is one person in custody, but police say several others fled the scene.
One gun was recovered.

ANC 5D05 Commissioner, Kathy Henderson says she heard the gunshots and called 911.

"I'm glad that MPD caught one of the suspects. I hope that he doesn't want to accept responsibility for this by himself and he tells on the people who were involved in this and they bring everyone to justice because we deserve better. We don’t deserve to live like this. We don’t deserve to have our children shot. We don’t deserve to have anyoe shot.", said Henderson.

If you know anything about this shooting, DC Police want to hear from you.
Give them a c
all 202.727.9099.