Hate crime case closes at American University one year later with no suspect

WASHINGTON, DC -- American University students are reacting after a hate crime is closed with no one held responsible.
Pictures surfaced last May of bananas hanging from what appear to be noose tied strings with the letters AKA, targeting the Black Greek sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Camilia Pesquera is a student who said the incident made her think twice before attending American University.
“It was definitely something that really scared me because I’m Puerto Rican, so that was something that definitely impacted me.”, she said.

In a statement, American University President, Sylvia Burwell said, “Although the investigation has been aggressively pursued for nearly a year, the US Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and American University Police have shared their assessment that all credible leads have been exhausted at this time and no suspect has been identified to date.”
Though some students feel like more could’ve been done to catch the person or people responsible.

“I think if it had more to do with white students, there would some sort of information given on who the person was, but it just goes to show that our issues aren’t cared about.”, said student Yemane Charles.

President Burwell went on to say that AU will not waiver from its commitment to ensure that the campus is inclusive and safe for everyone.

American University has been the site of multiple racially driven incidents in the past.
Charles says instead of catching the culprit, more energy needs to be put into keeping students safe.

“On top of our academics and all the things we have to do as regular students, the fact that we have to worry about our safety because of the color of our skin. It’s not fair and it’s not right.”, he said.

In her statement, President Burwell also pointed to steps the campus has taken to improve public safety and the launching of their Plan for Inclusive Excellence.