Cheerleading coach photographed minors with hidden camera in bathroom

MONTGOMERY CO. - A Rockville man was arrested Wednesday for hiding a camera in the bathroom of a cheerleading studio and taking pictures of minors and adults, police say.

21-year-old Christian Gill was a gymnastics and cheerleading instructor at Shockwave Allstars in Rockville. Police say Gill is now being charged with multiple counts of photographing several people in a private place without their consent.

On February 9, police say an employee at Shockwave Allstars called the owner of the business to tell him someone had left a USB-looking device near a sink in a unisex bathroom. Police say the owner, who was out of town, told the employee he would attempt to locate the owner of the device when he got back in town.

On February 12, police say Gill requested to meet with the owner and they met in the parking lot of the business. Police say Gill handed the device to the owner and explained that it was a camera that he placed in the bathroom but never recorded anything. The owner asked Gill to leave the property and called police.

Police say they searched Gill's home and seized several electronic devices. An investigation of the devices shows about 49 pictures were taken in the Shockwave Allstars bathroom. The pictures were of both female and male children and adults. Police say they also found pictures of Gill placing the camera in the bathroom.

The investigation also showed additional images and videos taken in the bathroom, but they were deleted from the device.

Police say several victims were identified, although the pictures did not show the full person so identification is difficult and sometimes impossible. Investigators say the victims who could be identified were notified.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to call detectives at 240-773-5400.