Car plows into pedestrians on sidewalk of busy DC intersection

WASHINGTON, DC – Four people were sent to the hospital Tuesday afternoon after a car plowed into a sidewalk full of pedestrians around 2:30.

"The accident wasn't our fault, but I just feel so horribly for them because we couldn't stop the a woman who gave a tearful account of what caused her car to run up on the curb here at the intersection of 9th Street and New York Avenue Northwest.

According to police, two vehicles were traveling southbound on 9th street when a pick-up truck overshot his turn.

"We were in the middle turning lane. He was in the left turning lane, so he was trying to hop into our lane.", said the owner who was also riding as a passenger of the silver Chevy Malibu which went flying into those pedestrians.

She said that she is six months pregnant and was riding along with her eight-year-old son, while her boyfriend sat in the driver's seat.

"All of the air bags deployed. We were able to get out of the car safely, but there were two women trapped under the vehicle.", she explained.

The woman also said that her boyfriend was arrested at the time of the accident for driving on a suspended license.

DC police say they do not believe the accident to be related to any act of terror.
All of the victims are being treated for serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.