Assistant teacher arrested on multiple child sex assault charges in PWC

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BRISTOW, Va. --Monday, parents said they were disgusted and disturbed after learning that an assistant teacher at Minnieland Academy in Bristow has been accused of sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl.

“I just feel sick to my stomach that it happened.”, said one mother picking up her child from the daycare facility.

According to Prince William County Police, 27-year-old Taylor Boykin was arrested Friday on a total of 12 child sex abuse charges.
One father who asked not to be identified is furious that parents had not been notified.

“We first read about this on the news. No one’s called us from in here to say ‘Hey, you might need to talk to your child.’ None of that kind of stuff has happened. We haven’t gotten a courtesy call whatsoever.”, he said.

That father has withdrawn his child from the academy.
Police say the investigation began on March 27th after the girl told one of her parents about what happened.
The investigation has since uncovered three other five-year-old victims who were allegedly sexually assaulted by Boykin.
A mother who also did not want to be identified, said that her child was in one of his classes.

She said, “I’m still not sure that I believe that he did it. I’m hopeful that he didn’t, but I just don’t understand why there weren’t checks in place to make sure he wasn’t left alone with the kids.”

According to that mother, Minnieland Academy has a high turnover rate of teachers.
She said that Boykin told her that he was considering leaving the school last year.
In a statement, Minnieland said it “regrets that this occurred and is cooperating with local authorities in the investigation.”

Boykin’s court date is pending.
He’s currently being held without bond.

Minnieland also said that it would be notifying parents individually.
This is the same daycare company where two workers were convicted on child cruelty charges for having a “baby fight club” in 2016.

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