Man arrested in beating death of toddler

WASHINGTON, DC -- Neighbors of one Southeast Washington neighborhood want to see justice served after police say that a man beat a 2-year-old boy to death just after 8:00pm Tuesday.

“She said, ‘My baby! My baby!’, but I didn’t ever see the baby. So, I came out here and that’s when the paramedics were out here and everything.”, said Tina Lloyd who lives in the 3400 block of A Street SE, where police say 24-year-old James Embre was arrested for first degree murder, after a toddler was found lifeless with blunt force trauma to his upper body.
Neighbors say the 2-year-old boy had been punched in the head.

“The baby didn’t even have a chance. I saw it for my own eyes.It was sad.”, said Lloyd.

Neighbors said that the mother was frantically running up and down the sidewalk with nothing on but her underwear, trying to get help, but it wasn’t clear to neighbors exactly what was happening.

“I’m thinking she had a bad reaction to drugs or whatever… as time progresses, it’s about her child.”, said neighbor, Raeshawn Turner.

Neighbors believe that the child was assaulted as a result of an argument, between the child’s mother and her boyfriend, but have said that there is no excuse for this outcome.

“To hit the baby like that.. and hit the baby like a grown man… that is sad! So, if he in jail and if he done it, he needs to stay in jail.”, said Tina.