D.C. restaurant named “Restaurant of the Year”

(PHOTO: Maydandc.com)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The District can now say it is home to the 2018 “Restaurant of the Year,” according to Food & Wine Magazine.

Maydan was on the top of the magazine’s list for their picks this year.

Located at 1346 Florida Avenue in Northwest in the Cardozo neighborhood, Maydan is a gathering place that encourages customers to learn, embrace, and dine with strangers.

Maydan, which means “gathering place” or “square” in Arabic, offers a variety of dishes including dips, salads, grilled meats, and seafood.

Food & Wine Magazine says the founder, Rose Previte, was inspired by the energy and culture of the Arabic cities she visited. Previte told the magazine she wants diners to bump into strangers, engage with them, and encourage serendipity- something she says D.C.’s climate lacks.

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