Fairfax County police officers and firefighters hold joint active shooter training

FAIR LAKES, VA. -- All 2,800 members of the Fairfax County Police Department and Fairfax County Fire and Rescue are currently undergoing a joint-training exercise for an active shooter scenario.

"We want the officers to experience events that are as close to reality as possible," said FCPD Lt. Brian Ruck. He added that the police department has been conducting active shooter training for about a decade, but back in 2015, became one of the few departments in the country to start training alongside their counterparts in the fire department. "The goal here is for us, as a police agency, to get in, stop the killing and then work together to stop the dying."

The training is taking place in an empty office building in Fair Lakes, Va.

Ruck said that training used to end when the shooter was neutralized, but now it incorporates treating shooting victims alongside firefighters.

"They were able to help us police officers out that aren’t familiar with those wounds on a daily basis," said FCPD Ofc. Troy Hill.

"It’s good that we run these large scale events with the P.D., because when we run these, that’s who we’re going to be running with and that’s who we’re going to be teamed up with and we got to work well with them," FCFR Firefighter Wayne Champagne.

Instructors said they are constantly changing and updating what trainees are taught and what they face in reaction to real-life events.

"And unfortunately all of these events are different and they keep happening, so we’re trying to learn what we can," said Ruck.