Md. officers rescue baby ducklings from storm drain

CHARLES CO. – Deputies from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office rescued baby ducklings from a storm drain Wednesday.

(PHOTO: Charles Co. Sheriff’s Office)

In a Facebook post, deputies said they received a call from a man saying he saw a mother duck quacking fiercely near a drain gate.

Deputies say nine of the mother’s baby ducks fell deep into the hole and couldn’t get out.

Officer Mohler lifted the grate on one side and climbed in, while Officer Coulby went to the other side in case they came his way. Officer Mohler “called to the ducks” while Officer Coulby waited on the other side. They were able to get five of the ducklings out, but the rest of the babies didn’t budge.

That’s when a helpful passerby, Chad Marshall, went down into the hole and crawled 200 feet through the large pipe to push the ducks toward Officer Mohler.

Deputies say all nine ducklings were saved, and the whole family went on their way.