Charles county man gets 190 years for molesting his underage students.

LA PLATA, MD.   Charles county states attorney, Anthony Covington got everything he asked for from the judge in the sentencing of Carlos Bell, who pleaded guilty to 27 charges of sexual abuse against a minor, after being indicted on 206 charges involving 42 minors, all of them boys. Bell who is HIV positive worked with Charles county schools as a coach and teaching assistant between 2014 and 2015 giving him access to his victims. Bell recorded many of the sexual acts where police were able to identify some of the victims. Charles county states attorney Willingham says he has no second thoughts on where Bell should spend the rest of his life. "You have an individual who's not going to stop what's he's doing, had victimized dozens and we think there are more out there, so this is a person that has to go to jail for life."

Defense attorney asked the court for no more than thirty years, saying that Bell suffered sexual abuse as a child and that he deserves the chance to be rehabilitated.

Carlos Bell's mother addressed the court where she said that the 105 years her son got in the federal sentencing was too much and that he is no longer the same person who committed all those crimes. She says he has been redeemed by accepting Jesus Christ and in that spirit, the court should be lenient in his sentencing. At he end, Bell was sentenced to 190 years, to run consecutively with the 105 years he got in the federal case.