Alexandria SRO misfires weapon in middle school

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Parents have been left unsettled after police say a school resource officer from George Washington Middle School misfired his weapon on school grounds, just after 9:00am Tuesday.
According to Alexandria Police, the officer has been with APD for five years.
The incident comes as the country debates whether teachers should be armed in the classroom.
Alexandria Interim Superintendent, Lois Berlin said that Tuesday's accident only strengthened the hard stance that she has taken against the idea.

“This is a highly trained individual and the fact that this could happen just goes to show that we really need to keep guns out of the hands of those who are not highly trained.”, said Berlin.

According to Police, the SRO, who the George Washington PTA website names as Officer Carl Savoy, immediately checked to see if anyone had been hurt
and alerted his supervisor and school staff about the incident.
Thankfully, no one was injured and classes continued as normal, but the accident has some parents feeling cautious at best.

“This was an accident and from an officer, I think there should be fewer guns in school.”, said parent, Nicki Conte.

Mary Cogburn, a retired teacher, said that she would have never agreed to carry a gun with her to class, saying, “I don’t think schools are any places for guns.”

The school resource officer has been place on administrative leave while the investigation into the events leading up to the weapon's misfire remains pending.