VDOT prepares roads for possible snow

FAIRFAX, Va. -- VDOT crews began work early Sunday to keep the roads safe before a blast of wintery weather heads to the DMV.

VDOT Spokesperson, Ellen Kamilakis said, "We have some weather that's coming in on Monday that, potentially with the timing, could affect one of our rush hours."

While it might feel like we're about to jump right into Spring, the latest forecast from the National Weather Service says that we are 40-70 percent likely to see snowfall overnight.

To prepare, VDOT is hitting the roads early to keep drivers safe.

"I think we're planning for a couple of inches, but no matter what, as you can see around us, we're going to be ready for whatever it is.", said Kamilakis.
Crews started out Sunday afternoon treating the roads with a brine mixture and are set to begin salting as soon as the storm hits...
There will  be about 500 VDOT trucks on the roads throughout the area, but there are precautions that drivers are being asked to take as well.

Kamilakis said, "We always tell people to watch out for bridges, overpasses, and turning lanes. So, anything that you're not going to break normally for."

This includes stoping at intersections and getting off ramps to avoid traction issues.
Refreezing is also an issue that VDOT is preparing for the rest of the week- as temperatures are expected to dip into the 20s until Wednesday."It's possible that we will keep a small contingent of crews on depending upon the condition of the roads. So we don't want drivers to get complacent and think that 'oh there isn't a lot on the roads so I jdon't have to worry.' because anything that's wet on the roads is going to freeze.", said Kamilakis.

VDOT is also asking drivers to pay attention to the forecast and try to delay your morning commute.