Allegations surface of secret pay raises given to PGCPS Central Office employees

UPPER MARLBORO. Md. -- Prince George’s County School Board Members Edward Burroughs, David Murray, and Raaheela Ahmed are demanding action from Prince George’s County Executive, Rushern Baker after allegations surfaced that some employees working in the Central Office were given unauthorized raises of 10-12 percent, more  than double the amount asked for to increase teacher salaries.

“A few weeks ago, we all offered an amendment to the budget to give teachers a four percent pay increase for our employees and that failed, while at the same time you had individuals in the central office receiving massive 12 percent, possibly greater, raises, and so this is a huge breach.”, said Burroughs.

The letter sent to County Executive by The Accountability and Solutions Caucus alleges that the unauthorized pay raises violate collective bargaining agreements and could’ve only happened under the direction of Prince Georges County Public Schools CEO, Dr. Kevin Maxwell or one of his executive cabinet members.
Additionally, it points to an anonymous tip that Deputy Superintendent, Monique Davis, “Elected to give certain employees that report to her, individual pay increases outside of the negotiated agreements.”

Burroughs explained the letter to County Executive Baker saying, “We’re writing to the County Executive essentially frustrated and asking him to help and do his job. In 2013, he took over the school system, Dr. Maxwell reports to him. Our Board Chair reports to him and it’s just like, at what point is enough going to be enough.”

Burroughs said that he wants Baker to correct the problem and to support the amendment to give a four percent raise to teachers.

A spokesperson from the County Executive’s Office said they did not receive the letter until after it was made public and did not have an opportunity respond, but said that it is under review at this time.

There is still an internal audit still going on.
There was no comment from Dr. Maxwell’s Office.