Md. lawmakers discuss protective order bill that would allow seizure of firearms

ANNAPOLIS, MD. -- Lawmakers in the Maryland House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on a bill Thursday that would allow someone to restrict another person's access to firearms if they pose a risk to themselves or others.

HB1302, called the Family Violence - Seizure of Lethal Weapons - Lethal Violence Protective Order bill, sets out a method by which certain persons can seek an ex parte lethal violence protective order (LVPO) against an individual they can prove poses an immediate and present danger to themselves or others because they have access to firearms.

A judge would have to issue a ruling the same day an LVPO petition is filed.

If granted, the subject of the LVPO must relinquish their firearms and ammunition. The LVPO would prohibit the subject from owning, possessing, buying, or receiving firearms or ammunition until a hearing is held to determine whether the LVPO will be extended for one-year. That hearing has to be held within 14 days of the LVPO being issued.

If a one-year LVPO is issued, the subject of the order would be able to request a hearing to overturn it within the first six months.

When the LVPO expires or is cancelled, the subject may request the return of their firearms and ammunition.