Prince William Co. ‘Tent City’ residents force to vacate

WOODBRIDGE, VA - A homeless community in Woodbridge, who called a large wooded area home, was given a deadline to vacate the property by March 1st. Two years ago, DCW50 News at Ten went to the property and saw about 40 makeshift structures with families living in them. We revisited the property on March 1st, the deadline to vacate, and found that the camp has been abandoned, with trash and debris the only indicator that it was once beaming with life.

Jay, a homeless man who once lived in the camp says that evicting the residents does not address the problem of homelessness in Prince William County and suggests that if local government can assist the homeless in getting identification and social security cards, it would help to secure employment and eventually find permanent housing. He says there are many homeless communities in Prince William County and being evicted from one, residents will simply move to another.