DCW50 speaks with Black Panther Author Jesse L. Holland

WASHINGTON, DC – Jesse L. Holland is on cloud nine, with the success of The Black Panther franchise. He was commissioned by Marvel Comics to write a novel about the Black Panther. In 2016, he started writing the novel “Who is the Black Panther”. Within six months, the novel was completed and went to market in September 2017. According to Holland, the novel is completely sold out and has become difficult to find.

Holland says he is not surprise at the response Black Panther is getting because it forces different kinds of conversation. He said the film addresses racism, sexism and projects images that is provocative, leading to a bigger discussions of important issues.

Holland is also the author of "Star Wars, Finn's Story", a novel commissioned by Disney to compliment the film, "Star Wars, The Force Awakens". A comic book fan since childhood, Holland says it's a dream come true, for him to be connected with these stories that has become an important part of the social narratives.