Women in media hold #MeToo forum to support victims of sexual assault

WASHINGTON, DC -- Thursday, The Alliance for Women In Media held a #MeToo forum at the National Association of Broadcasters, meant to be an open space for women in the media to discuss preventative measures, ways of protecting themselves, and knowing what to do if someone has been a victim of sexual harassment.

“I walked into a male dominated industry when I was 19. I was smart, passionate, hard working and determined, but I was always first complimented on my looks and not my work ethic.”, said radio personality and guest speaker, Danni Starr.

Thursday's #MeToo forum brought together women working across all media platforms in the DMV to talk about their own experiences with sexual harassment.

Amanda Smith, President of the Alliance for Women in Media National Capital Area Chapter said that the forum was meant to educate and empower women in the media who have been victims.
She said, “Some people don’t even know if they’ve been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted.”

Retired DMV radio personality and Director of Business Development for the organization, Dr. Justine Love said, “Me too turned out to me three and me four and gave men and women an opportunity to have a conversation about something that was kept quiet.”

Dr. Love called it her responsibility as a veteran in the media industry, to guide new comers fresh out of school who may otherwise become easy targets of sexual harassment.

She said, “When you’re young and you have no idea, you think it’s alright. You may be uncomfortable but you don’t know what to say. We know no means no, but if my job is involved, do I really say no..? is he going to fire me? Is she going to fire me?”

Around the room, women answered questions posted on the wall about what they may have been through.
Resources were also on hand to help anyone in need.

To find out more about the Alliance of Women in Media and their involvement with the Me Too movement, visit https://allwomeninmedia.org/about/