Stoneman Douglas alumni hold fundraiser for shooting victims in Northwest D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Alumni of Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida came together on Tuesday night at the Georgetown Waterfront to fundraise for the victims of the February 14th mass shooting.

The DC-based alumni group is one of 16 local chapters throughout the country that are planning fundraisers, vigils, rallies and calls to action.

Organizers say it came together in 72 hours following the horrific shooting.

"We made a post on Facebook saying prayers and thoughts are fine for tonight, tomorrow we act," says Rachel Nyswander Thomas, a part of the National Coordinating Team for Mobilizing MSD Alumni. "We had 300 people in about 10 minutes, and 1,500 by morning, and 11,000 a day later."

Tuesday's event at Tony and Joe's Seafood Place was meant to honor the victims and collect donations to the Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund, which will provide financial assistance to the victims and families.

During an hour ceremony, they lit candles and read a brief description of each of the seventeen victims.

Speakers included several different alumni, including the brother-in-law of a shooting survivor. He detailed the terrifying moments his sister-in-law went through.

"Shots ring out above them, they lay awake, hoping, praying, he won't open that door and that he won't return," he said.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson spoke, as well as Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and Mayor Muriel Bowser, which at times, got political.

"As the Supreme Court stated, it's not your free speech to yell fire in a crowded theatre, so it is not to use a killing machine in a civilized society," said Senator Nelson.

Mayor Bowser spoke about the planned March For Our Lives rally, organized by students, which is expected to bring approximately 500,000 to D.C.

"We will be ready to receive you, your organizers will have the full support of our city," she said. "Consider it rolling out the red carpet, if you will."