Law enforcement line streets to honor Prince George’s Co. officer following funeral

PRINCE GEORGE'S CO., Md. - Flashing police cruisers, a sea of saluting officers, and teary-eyed bystanders lined the path from a Prince George's County Police corporal's funeral to the cemetery.

The Diyanet Center of America held the funeral for Corporal Mujahid Ramzziddin on Friday morning.

Corporal Ramzziddin was killed while off-duty on Wednesday, in his own neighborhood, while assisting a neighbor who asked for help in a domestic incident.

Out of respect for his devout Muslim faith and to honor his family's wishes, the service followed Islamic farewell ritual and was short and intimate.

During the funeral prayer outside, Chief Hank Stawinski spoke about his fallen officer.

"Mujahid's example serves as a sign to those of us who reflect, and shines brightly despite the nighttime of grief that has set upon us," he said.

His son, Eric, also spoke.

"He protected that lady and it costed him his life so today my dad is a hero," he said.

Dozens of police motorcycles and cruisers escorted Corporal Ramzziddin to the Diyanet Center for the service.

They surrounded him again as they drove to the Fort Lincoln Cemetery in Brentwood. They passed hundreds of other law enforcement from the DMV and beyond, as well as bystanders, paying their respects.

Corporal Ramzziddin was a 14-year veteran of the Prince George’s County Police Department, a retired Maine and only son, and leaves behind four kids and a wife. 

Police say they hope to plan a vigil in the coming days as their investigation into the shooting continues.