Fairfax County Police to add body worn cameras.

FAIRFAX, VA.  Fairfax County Police announced the roll out of their body worn camera pilot program. According to Fairfax County Police Chief, Edwin Roessler Jr says, the pilot program is designed to provide important data to determine if the program would be beneficial to Fairfax County.

American University is part of the assessment team and will analyze the data, to paint a picture of the necessity of such program. Chief Roessler says while costs of operation and other details will be assessed, the main focus of the program will be to provide transparency and trust between police and the public. "They do help us with accountability and our actions in the community, and build confidence and trust from the community to our police department", Chief Roessler said, noting that while the cameras will document from one perspective, it will serve as an eye witness to police encounters with the public.

About 230 body worn cameras are scheduled to hit the streets with officers in March and pilot program will last for 180 days.