Black Panther pop-up bar coming to DC

WASHINGTON, DC – On Thursday, Red Lounge Bar and Grill, located at 14th and U Streets NW, will be transformed into the Black Panther pop-up bar in the district.

“It’s a positive movie that just crosses so many different genre groups”, said Greg Jackson, Co-Founder of The Wave USA, a DC based event production company, who says the Black Panther pop-up bar was his baby.

“I love pop-up bars and I’ve been to the game of thrones pop-up bar like four times, I went to the Christmas one, the Halloween one, and I’m always dragging my friends to them.”, said Jackson.

Marvel’s Black Panther features the first mainstream Black superhero and tells the story of T’Challa who returns to his native Wakanda to claim his place as king after the death of his father.

The movie has produced tons of buzz throughout the Black community and comic book lovers nationwide, with people clamoring to buy advance tickets.

I asked The Wave USA CEO, Jason Kelley what made this film different from other films with a predominantly Black cast.
He said, “All too often, we see the same narratives for black people in different television shows, for black people in different movies. I think something like this is going to give an illuminating experience to people who are not of the black community and people who frankly don’t interact with people from Africa in general.”

The pop-up will feature art work inspired by the movie and Black History Month, as well as a curated drink menu with such features as the Heart of Wakanda..
During our interview, I caught the team rolling out the grass carpet which is part of the pop-up’s wilderness section.

Kelley said the timing of the movie’s debut during Black History Month could not have been better, and said the overall message is a much need one.

“For something like this, it’s very important for people to see Africans on screen, but also brown people on screen just being who they are, being royal, being regal, being intelligent, and being very progressive.”, said Kelley.

The Wave USA’s Black Panther pop-up will run from Thursday until Sunday.

Jackson said that he wanted to create a space for like-minded people to come together and hopefully build connections that last far beyond the movie.

“Whether you’re a comic book nerd, which I kind of lean on that side, or you’re someone who’s just really into what this means for the Black community, or you’re someone who loves the culture and the African connections, or someone who just loves action movies, I want this to be a space for all those different types of people to have fun together.”, said Jackson.

Tickets for the Black Panther pop-up start at just $5.00.
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