73 year old power lifts her way into history

FAIRFAX CO. VA --  Seventy three year old Linda Leightley is making waves in the world of power lifting. This grandmother holds multiple world records in the sport and continues to amaze everyone who come in contact with her.

Linda started power lifting about ten years ago in an effort to lose weight. she was over 170 lbs. hard work and dedication helped Linda to shed over 50 lbs and packed on muscles that a teenager would be envy of. Linda acknowledges she regularly lifts heavier than twenty somethings, adding to her legendary status at her gym and the power lifting circuit.

Her husband Albert, a soft spoken man says, "She is very shy and stays away for the spotlight, but than she does things that put the spotlight her".  Linda says while she feels empowered with her accomplishments, she is mostly proud of the fact that people constantly tells her that she's an inspiration.

Linda says she feels a tremendous responsibility that her accomplishments can serve as a model to inspire.