Thief sentenced for targeting seniors’ homes

ROCKVILLE, MD. -- A Germantown, Md. man has been sentenced to ten years in prison, and faces decades more if he reoffends when released, after robbing several Germantown homes belonging to senior citizens.

Jonathan Marquis Grimes pled guilty to two counts of first degree burglary and was sentenced to 20 years, with ten years suspended, and 20 years with all suspended. He was also sentenced to five years of supervised probation.

Grimes robbed several homes between late May and June 2017, stealing jewelry, credit cards, and specialty coins totaling around $40,000.

Prosecutors said Grimes, along with his roommates, Marcus Hinton and Lamount Harrington, pawned several of the items and used the credit cards at grocery stores, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants.

Hinton and Harrington pled guilty to felony theft and will be sentenced at a later date.