Fairfax police searching for child predator

MOUNT VERNON, Va. – Monday, Fairfax Police released a sketch of a man they say tried to abduct an eight-year-old girl as she was getting off the school bus last Wednesday around 5:15pm at the intersection of Madge Lane and Frye Road.

“He can’t go outside without me, that’s why, because I’m scared.”, said one concerned mother who didn’t want to be identified, about her son after hearing the news.

According to police,  the man tried to talk to the girl, but when she refused, the man grabbed her arm, but she was able to break free and run away.

The man gave chase for a short distance before giving up.
“I wasn’t surprised at all. After what happened to Jholie, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.”, said Michael Admasu.

He spoke about his former classmate, Jholie Moussa, who went missing in the Mount Vernon Area on January 13th.

Police have now confirmed that Moussa was found dead in Woodlawn Park Friday.
Admasu said he now makes it a point to stay vigilant.:

“If I’m walking alone I just turn around, check my back…maybe record a little bit.”, said Admasu.

Police say the girl made it home to tell her mom what happened.
The suspect is described as a 40 to 50-year-old Black man, about 5’7’’ with a mole on his left ear and a tattoo on his inner right forearm.

Some neighbors say they may have seen him around/

Curtis Gray said, “Well, he looks like a familiar face that I’ve seen around here, but to say where I actually have seen him at, I think it was somewhere around 7-11.”

There is a 7-11 not far from the intersection where this incident took place.
If you know anything about who this man is or what happened, contact Fairfax County Police.