Fairfax Co. barricade ends peacefully

FAIR OAKS, Va. – Neighbors say they were terrified Sunday as they waited 10 long hours de-escalate a barricade situation on the 13200 block of Ladybank Lane that started around 4:00am.

“The initial call was for a man threatening to shoot family members and also at responding officers.”, said Fairfax Police Officer, Reem Awad.

According to police, two adult family members were able to escape while 21-year-old Anthony Moaf, kept himself barricaded inside the home, surrounded by firearms.

Around 6:00am, officers reported hearing a gunshot, but it was not directed toward any of the officers on the scene, according to Officer Awad.

She said, “Calls were made to neighboring homes asking people to shelter in place, remain inside and away from doors and windows.”

After nearly 10 hours of negotiations and the use of a police robot and gas grenades, Moaf surrendered peacefully around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Neighbors said they were relieved that no one was hurt , but it’s a surprising turn for the neighborhood.

“Caught me by surprise, it’s a great neighborhood.”, said neighbor, Mark Bucko.


Another neighbor, Naomi explained, “Ladybank Lane is known as Babybank Lane because so many young families have babies here and it’s just a great place to live.”

Anthony Moaf was taken to an area hospital for medical evaluation.
He faces charges for reckless handling of a firearm.