Family, friends of 25-year-old man shot by U.S. Park Police want an explanation

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Family and friends of 25-year-old Bijan Ghaisar gathered outside the Department of the Interior on Friday night, demanding answers.

The protest comes just days after Fairfax County Police released an officer's dashcam video that captures U.S. Park Police pursuing Ghaisar in a high-speed chase back on November 17th, then shooting nine times into his vehicle.

Fairfax Police were providing back-up to U.S. Park Police, but their officers were not involved in the shooting.

According to Ghaisar’s family, he was unarmed.

"This was something that was thought out, it happened four separate times and I want an explanation for every single one of those nine shots," said Neegen Ghaisar at Friday night's protest.

The FBI, currently investigating the shooting, says Ghaisar was driving a jeep wanted in connection to a hit-and-run crash.

The dash-cam video shows the Park Police officers attempting to stop Ghaisar more than once, but he continues to keep driving. During the initial stop, the video shows an officer pointing what looks like a gun.

A spokesman for U.S. Park Police said they were aware of Friday's, but said they would not be commenting outside of the statement they provided earlier in the week.

Park Police Chief MacLean said, “While respecting the integrity of the investigation, I also recognize the desire for more information and details surrounding the investigation and the death of 25-year-old, Bijan Ghaisar.”

The Ghaisar family released a statement on Friday, saying:

"If not for the Fairfax County Police Department dashboard camera, the world would not have seen the disturbing behavior by two U.S. Park Police officers that led to the horrific shooting of our son and brother, Bijan Ghaisar, on a Friday night last November. We are committed to ensuring justice is served in the senseless killing of Bijan, who was shot at 9 times, at close range, by these Park Police officers. We share Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton's view that uniformed federal law enforcement should be required to wear body cameras and have dashboard cameras in their vehicles, and look forward to doing whatever is necessary to make sure that becomes the law of the land. "

The Ghaisar family trial attorney, Tom Connelly of Harris, Wiltshire, & Grannis, says U.S. Park Police has six months to respond before the Ghaisar family can pursue a civil suit.

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