Pole dancing fitness for everybody

MANASSAS, VA., - Pole dancing has been making a transition into the mainstream. There have been workshops and classes popping up all over the area for students of all shapes and sizes.

Melissa Rose, the owner of Studio Gold, a pole fitness workshop in Manassas, says students are facinated with pole fitness for a variety of reasons. She admits that the sexy lure of the art form still gets people attention but deciding to climb the pole is more about self improvement.

Self esteem, getting fit and just because it`s fun are a few reasons Rose's students like to pole dance.

 53 Year-old Malu Bish embraced pole dancing as a way to deal with her weight. She says nothing she did came close to how quickly she saw her body transforming. She says that she is able to do the things that 18 year olds are doing and that it gives her a sense of empowerment.

The popularity of pole fitness is attracting people who are least expected to get involved. Senior citizens are embracing the health benefits of pole fitness and men, yes men are signing up too.

Michael Egan is another pole enthusiast. At 70 years old, he says he is in excellent shape and credits pole dancing with helping him discover his fountain of youth.

Pole fitness is a worldwide phenomenon with competition in places like Australia, Jamaica and the UK.  Enthusiasts were even advocating to include pole dancing in the 2012 London Olympics, a testimony of how far this art form has come.