Parents of Ashanti Billie call for missing adult alert in Virginia

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WASHINGTON, DC -- it’s been four months since 19-year-old Ashanti Billie was reported missing from a naval base in Norfolk, Virginia.
She was missing for nearly two weeks before her body was found in North Carolina.

Ever since this tragedy struck the Billie family, her parents, Meltony and Brandy Billie have been working non-stop to help the families of other missing loved ones.

Together with Virginia lawmakers, they have introduced Virginia HB 260 to implement a missing adult alert system in Virginia to notify media, law enforcement, and the surrounding public, much in the same way the Amber and Silver alert systems work.

“We came to realize that it wasn’t just about our daughter. Our desire was to help anyone who comes up missing. In the time of this situation, we came to realize that there was not an alert for 19 to 64.”, said Meltony Billie.

The Virginia Critically Missing Adult Alert Program calls for Virginia State Police to work with media outlets to alert the public of an adult who may have been abducted or otherwise believed to be in danger.

While getting the bill to pass may prove challenging, Ashanti Billie’s father says that it will fill a significant gap.

“You will have people that will make the decision to go, but still yet, to have the alert, because you might have someone who is experiencing a depressed moment and just because of the fact that ‘hey, there’s someone looking for you”. That might change that whole person’s outlook.”, said Billie.

Billie’s parents have also started the Ashanti Billie Foundation scholarship program to help area high school kids.

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