Wheaton Revitalization Projects impacts area businesses

WHEATON, Md. – Construction on for the Wheaton Revitalization Project has business owners in the Wheaton Triangle Business District lamenting over parking shortage that has arisen as a result.

“I think we only have 30 or 25 parkings. That is not enough for the customers.”, said Maria Paredo, who owns three businesses in the triangle.

It’s all due to a three-year plan to revitalize the area with a new government building said to bring with it 1,000 jobs and an underground parking garage for up to 400 cars according to Montgomery County.

Though, while the parking lot is being held up for the next two years or so, the 90 businesses in the area- could potentially take a hit to their bottom line.

Such has already been the case for Paredo, who says that customers have been getting fined while trying to get a quick bite to eat at her restaurant.

Paredo said, “For example, just somebody pick it up, the food, just only one minute and then when he go to it, the ticket parking, they put $65.00.”

To help alleviate the impact to business owners in the triangle, Montgomery County is implementing a small business assistance program which would give up to $75,000 to businesses that can demonstrate a loss.

On the upside, Paredo said she is looking forward to the new business the project will eventually bring upon completion.

“The impact is really nice. I think in two years, we are really happy in this area because the new customers in the area is coming. But the problem is right now.”, she said.

According to Montgomery County officials, the Wheaton Revitalization Project is on time and on budget with an expected completion date by 2020.