DCW’s Weekend Opening Act 1-6-2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. - This week's Opening Act is performer, composer, and producer Terry Waldo. Waldo is considered one of America's premier performers and presenters of Ragtime and Early Jazz. Waldo is known for his virtuoso ragtime, stride piano playing, charming vocals, and disarming wit.

Waldo has played some of New York's biggest jazz clubs including The Cookery and Hanratty's and Michael's Pub where he starred in nine critically acclaimed musical revues. Waldo has also performed in Venice, at Carnegie Hall, and the Lincoln Center.

The ragtime pianist has composed for several TV programs including The Tonight Show, Storyville, and The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson.

On Friday, Waldo performed an ensemble of New York's All Star at the National Gallery of Art. The program included the hits of Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, and Scott Joplin.

The National Gallery of Art concert series has provided a rich and distinguished service to music since World War II. Since then, the Gallery has presented more than 3,000 free concerts.