Substitute teacher, coach fired from Maryland catholic school for being ‘alt-right member’

KENSINGTON, Md. - A Montgomery County all-girls Catholic school says they fired a substitute teacher and seasonal coach back in October after discovering he was an "alt-right member."

President of the Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington, Katherine Prebble, says she sent parents and guardians a letter about Gregory Conte this week.

She says students began to find out about him on social media and started to ask questions.

"This was not about politics," she said to DCW50 over the phone. "This is about extremism and hate."

Conte was hired in the fall of 2014, according to the school.

Prebble says she was approached about Conte in October, with some information about his membership with the "alt-right" movement under the alias Gregory Ritter. shows that he takes part in a number of podcasts with Richard Spencer, leader of the white-supremacist group the National Policy Institute, in which they talk about their time participating in the deadly protests in Charlottesville.

When she confronted him about it, she says he admitted it.

Conte told DCW50 he was not surprised by the school finding out, nor does he have any animosity towards them.

However, he feels eventually, things will have to change.

"We're a society in a position that anyone who openly professes what I do, can be attacked," he says. "Businesses, schools, institutions are going to have to stand up for employees if they're exposed as holding opinions I do."

Prebble says she met with the students on Friday to answer any questions, but she does not believe Conte ever influenced any students with his philosophies.