DREAMERS take over Senate offices; demand DACA protection

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WASHINGTON, DC – Tuesday, Dreamers and their supporters descended on the Hart Senate Building urging democrat senators to make sure the DREAM Act is included in the government spending bill, set to go to vote this Friday.

“Democrats have said that they support the dream act but they have done nothing to push this issue forward. So, here we are asking Senator Schumer and other democratic senators to, basically, put their money where their mouth is.”, said Fernanda Durand of CASA in Action.

CASA, NAKASEC, and other organizations stormed 25 democratic senator’s offices, including Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen, who said, that he’s been working hard to secure a future for dreamers.

Senator Van Hollen said, “We’re fighting very hard to make sure we have something with the dreamers and for the children’s health insurance program in it. That’s what we’ve been spending the day doing, so let’s see w

Demonstrators also sat in senator Dick Durbin’s office and Senator Chuck Schumer’s office.
Friday, seven Dreamers and an ally were arrested for refusing to leave the building.

They’ve now been on a hunger strike for five days to get their point across.

Renata Mauriz with Cosecha says, “We want to show the American public that we’ve reached a point where people are so desperate that they’re willing to go through this risk to say that we really need this and to gain support.”

A representative from Senator Durbin’s office has said he will not vote for any government spending that doesn’t include the DREAM Act

That vote is supposed to take place on December 22nd.

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