Police: Suspects pickpocket elderly women arriving to, leaving from doctors appointments

FAIRFAX CO., Va. - Police say they are looking for three suspects accused of targeting elderly women while they are entering and leaving large medical offices for appointments.

Fairfax County Police say they have received four reports since April.

According to their investigation, they believe the suspects in these cases distract the victim while another suspect pickpockets them.  Afterwards, they immediately go to a local department store and attempt to buy merchandise with the victim’s credit cards.

Spokesperson Officer Kent Bailey says they often bought gift cards with the victims' credit cards and sold them for cash.

The victims realized they were missing their cards after the fact.

"They’re actively looking for people who are alone, a little bit older, may not be familiar with the area," says Officer Bailey. "It might just be something like opening the door and helping them get to their car, or just having a normal conversation with them on the elevator."

Fairfax Police are reminding everyone, especially during the holidays, to:

  • Keep all your personal items in your front pockets
  • Zip, fasten, and close your purse
  • Report any suspicious people or events
  • Make sure your elderly loved ones are accompanied by a trusted family member or friend

If you recognize any of the pictured individuals, police ask that you contact Detective Pleva at 703-644-7377.