Man accused of throwing bike onto Metro tracks

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Demarcus Graves

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A man arrested Sunday evening is accused of fare-hopping into an Orange Line station, throwing a LimeBike onto the tracks and then setting a paper food box on fire.

Demarcus Graves, 50, was arrested last night on charges of felony malicious destruction of property, malicious burning, impeding Metro operations, fare evasion, and open warrants.

Police say that Graves walked into Minnesota Avenue Station, didn’t pay the fare, then walked upstairs to the train platform where an abandoned LimeBike was lying. At 7:03 p.m., they say they observed Graves on security footage picking up the LimeBike and throwing it onto the Metro tracks.

The bike is said to have landed between the two rails and been hit by an arriving Orange Line train about 90 seconds later. No one on the train was injured, but the underside of the train was damaged and Metro had to single track around it for about four hours.

Police say Graves also picked up a paper food box and lit it on fire, then left the station heading southbound.

Graves was found and arrested as the suspect in this incident about a quarter mile from the station.