New tolls open Monday on I-66

VIRGINIA -- Monday, commuters traveling I-66 Eastbound between 5:30 and 9:30 am and Westbound during evening rush hour from 495 to Route 29 will have to have an E-Z Pass.

The lanes, which have been operating as HOV lanes, will now allow single-occupant vehicles to use the lanes as long as they have an EZ Pass.

Depending where you start your commute from, some drivers feel the tolls are too much.

“If you’re trying to get into DC, you’re already paying an E-Z Pass to get past Reston. And, now you have to just to get onto 66, so, they were doing the HOV at first and now, it’s just more money… more money to get into DC when it’s already enough money.”, said Nicholas Smith.

According to VDOT, toll fees will fluctuate depending on the number of drivers on the road.
Commuters traveling HOV will not be charged a toll if using EZ-Pass Flex.

“Right now, if I get in before HOV, I’m fine. We’ll see, if the cost is $13, $14, $15 then we may look at backroads.”, said Paul Parch.

To help commuters calculate their travel costs VDOT has set up this website which will go spring into action on Monday.
Meanwhile, some drivers are hoping for a better alternative.

“66 is difficult already having to have the HOV alone, so, I don’t know, hopefully there’s something new that we can get, maybe an Acela underground train or something that’s faster.”, said Blake Janet.

The I-66 Express Lanes Inside the Beltway will open as HOV-2 lanes, but will switch to HOV-3 lanes in mid-2022.