Couple targets 95-year-old man, steals $1.2 million

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ROCKVILLE, Md. – A Montgomery County couple could serve up to 55 years in prison when they’re sentenced in January for stealing $1.2 million dollars from a man in his 90s.

Ana Molina, 51, and Javier Molina, 57, were convicted on Monday on several charges including theft and conspiracy to take advantage of a vulnerable adult.

Ana was a housekeeper for Gustave Shapiro. Prosecutors with the Maryland State Attorney’s Office for Montgomery County said over the course of four years the Molinas were able to write checks and withdraw money from Shapiro’s account that were used to buy a truck, a house, and bankroll several trips to area casinos.

This is an extreme case but one that the State Attorney’s Office says should remind everyone to pay close attention to who is surrounding your aging loved ones.

“Elder abuse affects people every day,” said Roman Korionoff, a spokesman for the office.