DC Teacher fighting for life after trying to save mother in house fire

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DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Md. -- Cheryl Morning was desperately trying to get herself and her mother to safety last Sunday, when her mother's Eastern Avenue home caught fire.

Morning's brother, DC Fire & EMS Captain Jonathan Streat said the fire was caused by the dryer in the basement.
According to Capt. Streat, Morning was burned as she was coming up from the basement to alert their mother, who he said. had already made it out thanks to a smoke detector with a light beaming towards the front door.

“My mom took the pathway of the light and she was conversing with my sister, but she couldn’t see her, she couldn’t reach her. They were probably in arm’s reach of each other, but couldn’t see.”, said Capt. Streat.

Captain Streat said his sister tried to escape from a door in the basement, but was trapped because the door locks from the inside with a key.

Fire crews got to Morning just in the nick of time, but she remains in the ICU, severely burned and sedated, but improving says Captain Streat.

He said, “When they weren’t expecting her to make it through the first day, we’re in day eight and God is good.”

Their mother has since been taken out of the ICU, but still recovering at Washington Hospital Center.

According to Captain Streat, the house is a total loss and, but to make matters worse, he said people have been squatting in the home and stealing from it since the fire.

“The front door had bars on it, they’ve taken the bars… anything that’s metal. All my mom’s personal things… her bags, clothes… even the stuff outside the house.”, Said Capt. Streat.

Morning teaches Pre-K at Janney Elementary school in Northwest.
Principal Alysia Lutz has said that everyone there is pulling for her recovery.

“The staff has taken the news pretty hard. Her family is always in our thoughts and on our minds and we just really hope for a speedy recovery and we’re just here to support them any way we can.”, said Lutz.

Captain Streat has started a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses for his mother and sister and to help them rebuild.

He’s already managed to raise over $16,000 in donations and says he’s grateful for everyone’s support.

Principal Lutz says the school is sponsoring Thanksgiving dinner for Cheryl Morning and her family.






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