Demonstrators hold Unity March for Puerto Rico in DC

WASHINGTON, DC -- Sunday, demonstrators flocked to the nation’s capital to rally support for Puerto Rico and demand greater relief efforts after Hurricane Maria tore through the island two months ago, leaving many, still without power and trying to rebuild their lives.

 Leading the charge was Evelyn Mejil, National Chair and Organizer of the United March for Puerto Rico who said, “It wasn’t just about uniting today, but really unifying our voices and our message so that it could be for the long term stability of Puerto Rico.”

Mejil said that this is a movement to show solidarity with the Puerto Rican people and raise awareness of the needs of the island, including, “the need of legislative changes, the needs for the cancellation of the debt, and the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.”, she said.

Last week, Puerto Rico’s Governor sited $94 billion in damage left over from Hurricane Maria and asked for equal treatment for natural disaster relief.

Among those showing solidarity was Lin Manuel Miranda, creator of the Broadway musical Hamilton, who told the crowd, "Puerto Ricans are coming to the United States in record numbers. They are your newest voting block. So, when you vote for relief for Puerto Rico, when you vote for the relief of this debt. When you vote for a relief package, remember that it’s not just the sane thing to do, it’s not just the humane thing to do, it’s good politics.”

Mejil said that Sunday's march is a first step in reminding people they have a voice.

“We have the power, but a lot of people forget that. So I think today was a reminder of the truth which is that we the people matter, we the people have the power, and when we unify our voices, we can actually make a difference.”, said Mejil.