Once foster parents, Northeast D.C. couple officially adopt toddler and his sister

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Kate and Kelly Ford say they always knew they wanted to be foster parents.

They liked the idea of just helping out and making a space for kids who needed it temporarily.

But about a year and a half ago, they met Adam.

"We had fallen in love with him," says Kate.

She says she told herself not to get too attached. When the time came to drop him off at a family's home, she says she barely let herself cry.

Shortly after, the couple went out for a date night. Kate says they had not gotten their food yet, when the phone rang.

"He needed a permanent home and he knew us better than anyone, and we couldn’t imagine him going anywhere else," says Kelly.

"He needed us so we went to the grocery store and got supplies and in a few hours, he was back in our home," says Kate.

It was the first of two surprising phone calls the couple would get over the next few months.

Kate took Adam on a trip out to California to meet all of her family.

While on the plane, Kelly got a call that Adam's sister, Audrey, was born and she also was in need of a permanent home.

"She showed up and I just called the office and said I won't be coming in for a week," he says. "Yeah, we kind of have a special connection."

The Ford's officially adopted Adam in April of this year.

On Saturday, they will officially make Audrey a part of their family during the 31st annual "D.C. Adoption Day" at Superior Court.

She will be one of 26 children adopted into new families.

According to the Child and Family Services Agency, they are currently seeking permanent, loving, adoptive homes for an additional 66 children.

The Ford's say it's never too late.

"We had our time," says Kate. "Now we can pour ourselves into the next generation."

For those hesitant to adopt, they recommend fostering through organizations like DC127.

For more information visit the Adoptions Together website.