Woman fights off burglar in home break-in

WOODBRIDGE, Va.-- Neighbors of a quiet Woodbridge community were disturbed to learn that their neighbor, a 54-year-old woman, was assaulted inside her home just after 6:30 Tuesday evening.

According to Prince William County Police, a man broke into a home on Gazebo Court and grabbed the woman from behind and inappropriately touched her.

That woman told DCW50 News at 10 that she was in her kitchen cooking and washing dishes, when she felt a presence behind her whom she thought was her husband, until she turned around to find a man hovering over her wearing a ski mask.

She said she let out a scream as he grabbed her and was able to break free, chasing him out the door.

“’I'm really surprised because this is a pretty close community. There are some people that pass through living in the apartments that we don’t know, but something like this hasn’t happened, so it’s a shock.”, said neighbor, Carmella Siemny.

The victim in this assault said that her husband was upstairs during the break-in.
But, she said that she has lived there for 20 years and that their community is tight-knit, so it’s not uncommon to leave the doors unlocked.

Police say the attacker is a dark-skinned male wearing a ski mask, dark coat and jeans.

Neighbors say this is a first for the area.

“You know, I hear this happening all over so we’re not excluded from danger… we just have to be alert and I think, fortunately we do have a close community, be supportive, talk to each other and keep an eye out for each other.”, said Siemny.

Anyone who knows anything about what happened is asked to contact Prince William County Police.